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PYPA is a multiparty political academy that aims to build the capacity of young political leaders to

  • Put youth issues on the national and regional agenda
  • Understand challenges of economic and social development
  • Build a culture of rights and democratic processes to advance the position of young people
  • Develop clear strategies and run successful campaigns
  • Represent their constituencies effectively
  • Be good political communicators and effective and democratic leaders
  • Network with others young politicians in Africa and in their owns countries

Who runs PYPA?

Three Swedish affiliated organisations –the Christian Democratic International Center (KIC), the Olof Palme International Center (OPC – Social Democrats) and the Centre Party International Foundation (CIS) developed the training program Program for Young Politicians in Africa – PYPA.

The PYPA program is funded by the Swedish Government through the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida).

The PYPA program is implemented by African training organisations and international agencies in partnership with the Swedish political foundations.


PYPA academies will run every year in Southern, West and East Africa. All major parliamentary parties are invited to send delegates from the leadership of their youth sections.

The academies will invite parties from the following countries:

Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger

Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda

Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa

The Christian Democratic International Center (KIC) is working with democracy development in the South as well as in Central and Eastern Europe. The notion that all people, wherever they live, have the same value, and that we all are to care for one another, is a corner stone in Christian Democratic ideology. As one of the wealthiest countries in the world, Sweden has the responsibility as well as the possibility to support people living under oppression. With our long democratic experience, we are able to share our knowledge and support those who are fighting for their democratic rights or for a functioning democratic system.

Centre Party International Foundation ”Centerpartiets internationella stiftelses uppdrag är att stärka demokrati och mänskliga rättigheter, med fokus på jämställdhet och miljöfrågor, i samarbete med politiska partier och organisationer som verkar för att stärka liberala värderingar och lokal demokrati även utnför stora befolkningscentrum”.

We work internationally through the party oriented democracy support programme. The purpose of the programme is to contribute to well functioning party systems, political participation, democratic political systems and democratic development; to promote respect for human rights and the equality of all people; and to establish channels between citizens and decisionmakers.

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