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Program in two minutes

PYPA is a multiparty political leadership program that aims to build the capacity of young political leaders to increase youth participation and influences within political parties and work for democracy and rights. The PYPA training supports young leaders to:

  • Become effective democratic leaders
  • Put youth issues on the national and regional agenda
  • Apply a gender perspective to their work
  • Understand the challenges of economic, social and sustainable development
  • Develop clear strategies to achieve goals and implement plans
  • Run successful election and advocacy campaigns
  • Represent constituencies effectively
  • Become effective political communicators
  • Prevent and manage conflicts
  • Network with others young politicians in Africa and in their owns countries


PYPA training sessions run every year in Southern, West, East Africa and Zambia and Malawi. All major parliamentary parties are invited to send delegates from the leadership of their youth sections.

How to apply

PYPA is open for participants from parties taking part in the program. Those are usually parties with representation in the Parliament. The selection of candidates is done at the beginning of each year and the application is made through the parties. Application forms will be available at your party’s headquarter.

For information on whether your country and party is part of PYPA please contact:

French speaking West Africa:
Abdoul Karim Saidou

East Africa:
Annika Rigö

Zambia and Malawi:
Anna Mate

Soutbern Africa:
Beatie Hofmeyr

The criteria for participating are:
· Age (between 18-35 years)
· Education (at least secondary school)
· Good knowledge of English, French or Portuguese (depending on the country)
· Experience of party work
· Personal motivation and drive
· Gender parity