KIC organised three workshops in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania themed “Money in Politics: what does it mean for youth participation?” during November and December of 2018. The workshops were part of activities directed towards alumni of the KIC capacity strengthening initiative – Program for Young Politicians in Africa (PYPA).

When participants of PYPA are asked about the major challenges to their political work, corruption and lack of money are listed among the top challenges – year after year. That is why the idea of organising workshops around money in politics emerged. KIC recognizes that the mere talking about the effect that money in politics has on youth political participation will not change the situation at hand; however bringing together youth from various political parties to discuss this complex issue and share experiences is an important step.

The workshops were not just an opportunity to network across cohort years but also a space to share experiences about the use of money within politics and create a shared awareness of the magnitude of the problem. During the workshop strategies on how to deal with money in politics as an impediment to youth full participation in the governance of their respective parties and countries was agreed on and shared.

The youth poses amazing potential once given the requisite training and opportunities to practice what they have learnt. KIC remains committed to building informed and skilled youth leaders to provide value-based leadership to their respective political parties.