Between 2012-2022 we applied a so called ongoing and learning evaluation, which is a flexible form of evaluation, which runs throughout the programme, replacing the traditional mid and end-term evaluations. As opposed to more traditional forms of evaluations, which by default risk becoming static descriptions, providing limited possibilities for learning during the programme, the ongoing evaluation is a parallel and organic process aimed at creating conditions for continuous learning.

  • The external evaluation in PYPA is done by Eccola and Questa.

PYPA – Programme Evaluation Report – 2012-2022 – Final Version
Appendix I | Programme Result Matrix
Appendix II | Evaluators ongoing and learning approach
Appendix III | Outputs and Outcomes – Concrete examples from self assessment surveys
Appendix IV | Examples structural change organisational and structural level
Appendix V | Regional approaches (2012-2022) – Baselines Agile adaption and some main contents
Appendix VI | Interview guide semistructured interviews alumni
Appendix VII | Interview guide substantiation interviews mother party representatives
Appendix VIII | Self assessment questionnaire (2012-2022)
PYPA – Additional Activities (2021-2022)