Three day-intensive Strategic Planning process in Nairobi

25 young politicians from five political parties were welcomed in Nairobi, during a three day-intensive, but satisfying Strategic Planning process, in which each Youth League drafted a document that captured their aspirations for their league, contextualized the challenges that leagues face and developed strategic interventions. KIC is honored to continue our effort in building the [...]

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Regional Integration: the why, benefits and risks (PYPA in East Africa)

During KIC’s Add on training in Mombasa, 16 young politicians from across five political parties in Kenya were introduced to Regional Integration; The why, benefits and risks with case studies, Agenda 2063 of the African Union including the history and evolution of the African Union (AU). The participants were also introduced to the SDGs and [...]

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PYPA in East Africa: Youth League Development Academy

It’s a been a tough but fulfilling weekend (1-3 April) working with three youth leagues as KIC takes them through a strategic planning process that will culminate into them developing their respective youth league strategic plans. The Youth League Development Academy is part of KIC’s effort to institutionalize its support by building enduring organizations with [...]

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PYPA in East Africa: training Councilors from Uganda

This week PYPA in East Africa dedicated three days to train Councilors from 11 districts in Uganda. The training focused on leadership, public speaking as well as sharpening the participants skills in value based leadership. The training also had sessions on local Government system, budgeting process and how to make interventions in it. At the [...]

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